Nov 3, 2022Liked by Sara Billups

I'm with you Sara, the algorithm Gods over on Instagram have become wonky and inauthentic as t best. My engagement or connection has become almost nil so I have backed away from there as well.

Anyway, the chat idea is an awesome one; unfortunately I am an Android phone user so will have to watch from the sidelines until substack rolls out something different. Meanwhile keep up the good work.

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Nov 5, 2022Liked by Sara Billups

Do I get bonus points for being the first guy to comment? 🤣. Downloaded the app simply because so much of what you post applies so directly to my heart. Your heart for people is what I wish the churche’s heart was.

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I love that you started this. I have been chewing on a comment you made a while back that Jesus’ name isn’t a hashtag and all the weird things Instagram algorithms have pushed us to. Glad for a smaller space to discuss and engage together.

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