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Thank you, Sara. This edition of Bitter Scroll cracks open a lot to reflect on from my own life. My dad lived with lymphoma for 13 years before passing in 2002. Some of our friends would pray fervently for physical healing. My dad was at peace with his physical condition. Once, just days before he passed — as my mom related the story — he became very quiet and then tears fell from his eyes. My mom asked if he was in pain, if he needed anything. He whispered, “No. it’s just so beautiful.” Mom believed he had a glimpse of what awaited him beyond this world.

Since my dad’s passing, my family has stayed intimately acquainted with cancer. My sister and mom both passed in recent years.

These are reminders of our ultimate physical end. True healing, I believe, is when the body snd the spirit can find peace within and without (with others). My dad, my sister, my mom, were great examples of this to me.

Thank you again for sharing. And keep your eyes on your dad. He’s living a transformative journey right now.

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Love this piece friend.

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